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OMAR Single Peated Malt Whisky

Peateed Type

Nantou distillery of Taiwan Tobacco & Liquor Corporation follows the traditional Scottish malt whisky production process, single peated malt whisky with 46% ABV is blended high quality liquor and aged in oak barrels for more than 4 years.

1. Distill with a smaller distiller. (Rich quality)
2. 46% ABV, non-chill filtered. (Preserve more nature aroma and palate)
3. Batch blending, without artificial adjustment, there’s slightly different flavor of each batch, offer whisky fanatic a chance to collect and taste.
Capacity 1000ml Alc. 46%

tasting note


Deep golden


Flowers, citrus, butter, honey, wood, dried longan


Medium body, balanced with sweet roasted sugarcane and smoky taste


Obvious grease palate
DO Not Drink And Drive