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OMAR Single Malt Whisky

Sherry Type

The flavor of Single malt whisky (Sherry type) shows floral, a hint of sulfury at the first, following by ripen banana, biscuit, plum, jam, woody and dark chocolate falvors. It has heavy, full, and sweet tastes like the flavor of caramel on the toast. Dired fruit, citrus cake flavor can be found in the after taste. It give the typical sherry cask whisky flavor performance. A hint of sulfury flavor change to smoky flavor rich the body and complexity of this whisky.
Capacity 700ml Alc. 46% by vol.
Citrus Peels
plum succade
Black chocolate
Mango dried
longan honey

tasting note


sunset brass


Longan honey, ripened mango and banana, raisin, plum preserves with woody scent following by the fresh scent of citrus skin and apple.


Sweet with rich fruity aroma


Long, dry fruit, orange cake flavor


2014 MMA Bronze
2015 IWSC Outstanding Silver
2015 MMA Bronze
2015 WWA Silver
2016 ISC Silver
2016 IWSC Outstanding Silver
2017 ISC Silver
2017 IWSC Silver
2017 SFWSC Gold
2017 Monde Selection Gold
2018 IWSC Silver
2019 ISC Silver
2019 CMB Gold
2020 TWSC Silver
DO Not Drink And Drive