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OMAR Cask Strength Single Malt Whisky

Plum Liqueur Barrel Finished

Taiwan has been regarded as the fruit kingdom. Nantou Distillery follows the flavor of this place, chooses the green plum in Nantou to make fruit wine which has rich fragrance and fresh and sweet taste. With the application of distinctive advantages, the unique plum flavor is claimed.
Capacity 700ml Alc. 51%~59% by vol.
joss stick
Citrus Peels
fruit jelly
green plum
smoked plum
tropical fruit

tasting note




Smoked plum, joss stick, spice, wild sweet of tropical fruit and fruit fudge


Heavy body in sour and sweet with green plum, vanilla and creamy candy aromas


Long and complexity, liquorice, orange peel and oak


2016 ISC Silver
2016 IWSC Outstanding Silver
2017 ISC Gold
2017 IWSC Silver
2017 SFWSC Gold
2016 MMA Bronze
2017 WWA Silver
2017 CMB Gold
2018 ISC Silver
2018 CMB Gold
2019 TWSC Silver
2019 ISC Silver
2019 IWSC Silver
2019 CMB Grand Gold Medal
2019 Best Taiwanese Single Malt
2020 TWSC Silver
2021 SFWSC Double Gold
DO Not Drink And Drive