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OMAR Cask Strength Single Malt Whisky

Virgin Oak

Matured in whole new oak, it releases the rich flavor, palate and color from the new oak. The rich and sweet new make out from the small still matured in American White Oak under the wet and warm environment in Taiwan. The new make transform into precious and amazing cask strength whisky.

OMAR cask strength single malt whisky – virgin oak has strong and high intensity flavor performance. Because the contribution of virgin oak, the tannin of oak, the pronounced woody, spicy flavors, such as white pepper, saffron and cinnamon, can be found easily in this product.
Capacity 700ml Alc. 51%~59%
tropical fruit

tasting note


Bright copper gold originate from new oak barrel. It also have deeper color compared with other OMAR products.


Spicy, caramel, vanilla and smooth butter.


Clear and elegant tannin, full body, vanilla, fruity and buttery flavor.


Woody, rich, sweet, aromatic fruity and spicy flavor.


2016 MMA Silver
2016 MMA Supreme Winner
2017 MMA Silver
2018 IWSC Outstanding Silver
2018 MMA Silver
2019 WWA Silver
2020 SFWSC Gold
2020 ISC Gold
2021 WWA Category Winner
2021 USC(95 pt.)
2021 SFWSC Double Gold
2021 ISC Silver
2021 IWSC Silver
2022 WWA Category Winner
2022 LSC Silver
DO Not Drink And Drive