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OMAR Cask Strength Single Malt Whisky

Bourbon Cask

Matured in American bourbon casks for more than 4 years. Selected by many qualified panelists then bottled in cask strength by hand. It is not only the representative whisky of Nantou Distillery, but also the model of ex-bourbon cask whisky in Taiwan. Without coloring and chill-filtration.
Capacity 700ml Alc. 51%~59% by vol.
joss stick
dried longan
Citrus Peels

tasting note


Deep golden


Yellow flowers, honey, butter, citrus and dried longan with scent of joss stick, angelica sinensis making the ancient oriental sense of mystery


Complex texture with sweetness and bitterness, then back to sweetness


Long finish with joss stick, butter and citrus


2014 ISC Gold
2014 IWSC Silver
2014 MMA Bronze
2014 SFWSC Silver
2015 WWA Bronze
2016 IWSC Outstanding Silver
2017 ISC Silver
2017 IWSC Silver
2017 SFWSC Double Gold
2015 MMA Silver
2016 MMA Best bourbon
2015 MMA Best bourbon
2016 MMA Silver
2017 WWA Gold
2016 CMB Gold
2017 MMA Silver
2016 CMB Gold
2015 CMB Grand Gold
2018 ISC Silver
2018 CMB Silver
2018 SFWSC Double Gold
2018 IWSC Outstanding Silver
2018 MMA Silver
2019 TWSC Silver
2019 WWA Gold
2020 WWA Category Winner
2020 WWA Silver
2020 TWSC Silver
2020 IWSC Silver (91pts)
2021 WWA Silver
2021 ISC Silver
DO Not Drink And Drive