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Whiskies are made from malt, barley, rye, wheat or corn, and were fermented and distilled before maturation in oaks. The materials, production methods differ in different area to make various whiskies with its terroirs.

It’s only made from malt and distilled in one distillery. The whole process was strictly controlled to extract the spirits in order to remain the high quality. Usually, it was made in small batch to present the unique taste of the distillery.

It was blended with whiskies from 2 or more distilleries. The uniqueness of several oaks was finely mixed and matched to make the malt whisky in a harmonious taste and rich palate.

It was mainly blended by grain whiskies and accompany with some malt whisky. Master blender creates the smooth, consistent, stable and balanced taste of the blended whisky.

Tips to enjoy whisky

Whisky advocators enjoy whisky in various ways to discover the infinite world of whisky. Add some water, ice or put ice stone in the glass to experience and enjoy the fascinating spirits.
It will release the taste inside the whisky, that’s why most of people enjoy whisky with water. Not only the strength influences the taste, the type of water will change the flavor of whisky as well. For example, pure water keeps the original taste, soft water makes it smooth, hard water will highlight the multiple richness of whisky.
Whisky with rocks could cool down and lower down the alcohol strength. Compare with adding water, it reserves much original taste. For expert, they prefer to have a big ice ball in the glass, looking at the ice block in slowly melting, prevent thinning up.
More than 80% users in Japan enjoy whisky in Mizuwari way. At first, add rocks in the whisky glass, then fill in the glass with whisky and water in the 1: 2.5 proportion, it creates light, smooth and elegant taste, releases the deep aroma of whisky.
If you love to drink straight but in low temperature, use whisky stone to cool down is a good choice. There are kinds of materials, soapstone, ceramics, metal and so on.
DO Not Drink And Drive