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Every single malt whisky represents the philosophy of tradition, innovation, richness and terroir of Taiwan. Glory from all over the world
  1. Core Range
  2. Liqueur Finish
  3. Cask Strength
  4. Special Edition

Core Range

OMAR Single Malt Whisky 46% ABV is the entry to the world of OMAR. Every batch of the whisky is well selected and blended to present the personality and classic flavor of Nantou Distillery.

Liqueur Finish

Impart the famed fruit notes of Taiwan’s terroir, the whiskies are finished in liqueur barrel to gain the local fruit extract. The quantity is limited every year, it conquer market whenever new batch was released.

Cask Strength

Our tasting panel team select from hundreds of casks to rank the top whiskies to make single cask strength whisky in different barrels. Every drop from single cask represents the specificity and uniqueness of the oak after maturation.
DO Not Drink And Drive