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OMAR Cask Strength Single Malt Whisky

Black-Queen Wine Barrel Finished

In the township of Erhlin in Changhu County, the grape of Black Queen under pergola is mainly used for wine making in Taiwan. It’s rich in tannin, high in acidity and deep in color. The barrels absorbed the color and fruit flavor during wine maturation. The whisky finished in these wine barrels is colored in ruby and flavored by wine. This whisky says the stories of Taiwanese terroir and Nantou Winery.
Capacity 700ml Alc. 51%~59% by vol.
brown sugar cake
dried plum
grape jam

tasting note


Dark ruby in the center and bronze in the edge


Fresh grape juice, jam, ripened banana, spice and roasted toast following by the dried plum, brown sugar cake and sandalwood


Rich body, immature grape, honey and a hint of smoky


Round, grape peel, jam and spice


2017 IWSC Silver
2016 MMA Silver
2017 WWA Gold
2018 WWA Bronze
2018 SFWSC Silver
2018 MMA Silver
2019 IWSC Bronze
2021 USC(95 pt.)
DO Not Drink And Drive